I experienced generated monthly automated fixed number EFT repayments along the first 12 months of your own mortgage

I experienced generated monthly automated fixed number EFT repayments along the first 12 months of your own mortgage

The allegations made in these complaints are unverified, are not at all times associate of all consumers’ experiences with Advantage, and get contain dated information (about rates, bonus offers, etc.). Note that a lender with a large customer base is likely to also have a higher number of complaints when compared with smaller lenders.

“I’ve a payment package have an income inspired fee that was set-up compliment of KHESLC, they withdraw XXXX from my personal family savings a month and place they within the account matter XXXX and therefore continues what you week and contains as the XXXX out of XXXX which letter I recently acquired XX/XX/XXXX and so i shouldn’t be during the default XXXX XXXX”

I debated it on my credit history and because I’d finalized a binding agreement it asserted that it was genuine

“I have a consolidated student load balance that was refinanced in early XXXX with Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation. In XX/XX/XXXX and again in XX/XX/XXXX I made extra one time payments through the KHESLC online payment system with the intent of accelerating the payback of the loan balance. In XX/XX/XXXX, I received an alert from my credit monitoring service that my student loan balance had increased. I logged into the KHESLC web portal to determine what caused my balance to increase, and was surprised to learn that now EFT payment had been made in XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX, or XX/XX/XXXX. I contacted KHESLC on XX/XX/XXXX. I was informed by XXXX that when you make a one time payment online, EFT is temporarily suspended and your due date is pushed out equivalent to the number of monthly payments the one time payment would have covered automatically. The only way to prevent that and continue with the scheduled EFT payments and make a one time payment is to either email or call into a servicing specialist first. I was informed I accepted this practice by signing up for EFT payments 14 months ago, and was also denied my request to have the payment I made back in XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX retroactively applied to the monthly statement balances and accrued interest credited. I also requested and was denied an escalation to a manager or supervisor to review. At no time during the online payment process was I made aware the one time payment would pause my monthly scheduled EFT payments, or given the option to choose whether or not I wished to pause or continue those payments. If desired, it would have been very easy for KHESLC to make me aware with a pop up or acknowledgement at the time of payment so I could take appropriate action to ensure my regularly scheduled EFT payments continued. As a result I lost over <$>of what should have been a payment on loan principle to interest. If not outright illegal, this practice is clearly unethical.”

I do believe that it getting good predatory lending strategy which KHESLC may be able to raise accumulated attract into loan with no training or intent of your debtor, as a way to enhance their profit

“We began searching calls from Kentucky advanced schooling once my father passed away when you look at the XX/XX/XXXX. We prevented the new phone calls at first however decided I needed to clean upwards my personal credit therefore i responded the phone. I thought because of my disposition immediately following dad passed, this was the mortgage I experienced many years in the past. We even-set upwards commission agreements into university so i you’ll pay-off good morning. Better as i are delivering greater to your my credit history trying to get payday loan Whittier California some thing repaired We seen other fraudulent passion on my credit file. Such as for instance which have a couple of most other personal safety wide variety regarding my personal account. Together with several other levels which were perhaps not exploit and also have while the already been got rid of once i see my credit file I seen the college that we to start with had the mortgage is on the website plus the membership closed. So as I’m looking at this Kentucky higher education they shows We have actually made money that we hadn’t past. It reveals I’d the borrowed funds when you look at the XXXX and i did maybe not score financing from that school in the XXXX. I also achieved off to the college incase they in the long run titled me personally straight back, I got a lengthy conversation which have hi people on the my personal account I asked her to deliver me personally the initial documents of your loan where I got first started the loan to your organization. We still have perhaps not acquired you to definitely documents thru email address. She and went on as well as on on the most of the processes I would have to read, which, I informed her which had been not my personal loan. I am not attending spend financing that’s not mine Im following through. We entitled and you may spoke which have a female into the borrowing from the bank bureau exactly who provided me to reach out to you guys. Delight help me using this type of matter as it’s going to stop myself of delivering my stimuli otherwise anything that will are from the government such as for instance my personal income tax go back, ect. I don’t owe that it financing, and i is mount a copy out-of dos of my borrowing from the bank profile. Then you can notice that I did not get this mortgage and get get a hold of all other fraudulent hobby that was toward my membership. Thank-you to suit your time and I am hoping so you can pay attention to straight back over the next few days.”

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